Chestermere Drone Video & Tours Sell!

Chestermere Drone Video & Tours Sell!

Chestermere Drone & Video Tours Sell.

We have been pioneers in marketing our listings in Chestermere with Drone and video tours. Kevin McKay has his drone pilot license, so he can legally run the larger, better-quality drones. He can also edit the videos and blend the inside of the home with the exterior and neighbourhood videos. The purpose of these videos is to honestly represent the home as though the buyers were actually walking through the home.   

Local and National Marketing!

We promote our Drone and Video Tours in the national marketplace, locating buyers that are moving to this area.  If they like what they see they will tell their Buyer’s Agent to show them the home.

We Set Up Our Clients For Success!

It is a competitive market out there, and it can change in a heartbeat. With 28 years of experience, we have worked in every kind of market, buyers, sellers, and transitional. There are different strategies that work for each market and the trick is to know which one you are in. It is also important to have all of your ducks in a row so that you are ready to compete in whatever market we are in.
We are committed to helping our clients navigate the real estate market with compassion and competence. Most of our friends started out as clients! So, we are excited to meet you!

We know the value of good photographs. If you have poor dark photos, people will just move on to the next home. It is also important that the photos represent the home accurately, otherwise, the prospective buyers will be disappointed in the home and the seller will have wasted time getting ready and disappearing for the showing. Kevin uses the right lenses for homes and professionally adjusts the photos to be realistic. We will be there when the photos are taken to make sure that the home is staged well.

Floor Plans.

We have professional measurements and a floor plan drawn up of the entire home.  This is included in the online marketing of the home.  This will give potential buyers an opportunity to evaluate if the floor plan works for their family, as there is no point in the seller cleaning and preparing the home if it is not going to work for the buyer.   We find that it also helps after they buy the home they do have to come back to measure the rooms.

Buyer Representation

Today buyers have the same protection that sellers have had for decades. A Buyers Brokerage Contract spells out the responsibilities and obligations of all parties. Now your agent works for you, and because he knows you are committed to him, he can afford to give you the time you need to find the right home. We are happy to sit down and meet with you, by zoom or in person, so you can get a feel as to whether we are the right agents for you.

We Answer Our Own Phones.

When you dial our main number it goes to all of us.  So a licensed realtor is always available to speak to you.  Call 403-207-1776 to speak to us directly.

See more of our Drone and Home videos here.

Calgary Lakefront

Calgary Lakefront

Calgary Lakefront.

What if you could have a Calgary Lakefront home.  Your Everyday Home and Lakefront Get-Away In One. Imagine just 30 minutes from downtown Calgary.  A lake that you can waterski, wakesurf, jetski, sail, fish and swim in.  Chestermere Lake is a unique bedroom community located on Calgary’s Eastern border. There are great schools, shopping, medical and all the everyday services you need.  Emergency services  such as ambulance and fire department are provided by Chestermere with the nearest hospital 15 minutes away.

Chestermere has a population of 20,000 as of 2016.  There is a wide variety of homes available.  Lakefront homes have been available from the $850,000, range, but this is mostly lot value.  For a good home with solid bones you are looking at at least $1,000,000.  Other options are certainly available with all residents being able to launch their boat for free.  (Must be registered with the city.)

There are lots of beautiful pathways along canals, creeks and ponds.  With homes backing onto these features.  There is a mountain view from much of Chestermere.

This Walkout bungalow is on a 70 x 200′ deep lot.  This home was designed for this lot and takes full advantage of the extra width of the lot by adding a triple car garage.  There is also a boat house and dock.  You own the property right out to the end of your dock.  There is a formal dining room off of the front entrance.  The kitchen is very generous and enjoys a view of the lake.  There is a wall oven,  a cook top that has both gas and electric burners, a centre island a corner pantry and lots of storage and counter space.  There is a breakfast nook and a great deck to enjoy casual meals.  The great room faces the lake and has a gas fireplace.

The master bedroom is on the main floor and has a door to the wrap-around deck, a large walk-in closet and an attached bath with double sinks, a shower and toilet.  There is a second bedroom and bath.  There are hardwood floors througout the common areas and carpet in the balance of the main floor.

The walkout level has a spa, a den and two more bedrooms.  There is a three piece bath and a two piece ensuite. The spa and the den could be converted into bedrooms or a summer kitchen.

We would love to talk to you about our lake.  We have enjoyed living on Chestermere Lake for the past 25 years.   We are lakefront specialists and we will have the answers to all of your questions.






Imagine enjoying the lake everyday! Spend your weekends enjoying the lake, not driving to the lake.

Call or text Doug at 403-975-1776 or send us a note below.

C4085509 : Chestermere Duplex

C4085509 : Chestermere Duplex

Chestermere Duplex Looking for New Owners

This spotlessly clean Chestermere duplex is move in ready!

Upon entering, you are greeted by a large vaulted foyer that opens onto large living room, bright sunny kitchen and dining room, all with large bright windows. The kitchen has an eating bar and great working spaces and is has easy access to the back hall and garage and main floor laundry. Upstairs are 3 very ample bedrooms, with the master boasting walk in closet and 4 piece ensuite, complete with separate shower. Enjoy the spacious back yard with 2 tier deck and ample room for playing, gardening or just relaxing. This home also comes with central air conditioning for year round comfort. Roof has been  replaced and it was fully painted within the last month.

Located in the family friendly community of West Creek, boasting schools, parks, paths and ponds, it is a great spot to call home. 10 minutes to East Hills development, creating the perfect balance of quiet suburban living with quick access to city amenities. Great value, great home!

West Creek is located across from Lakeside Green Golf Course near the Chestermere Middle School.


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New Mortgage Rules Eat Away Afforability

New Mortgage Rules Eat Away Afforability

The New Mortgage rules that have been changed from the Federal Gov’t is a game changer for affordability, especially for first time home buyers who have no equity to put towards their first home.  This new rule will really hurt single parents and anyone trying to get their first home.

In an eggshell if you have less than 20% down you will have to qualify for a mortgage at the Bank of Canada Posted rates which are about 4.64% instead of rates that range from 2.2 to 2.7% for a 5 year term.  That will really erode first time home buyers ability to qualify for the home that meets their needs.  Take a look at this comparison chart we have prepared.  It uses a mortgage rate of 2.7% before Oct. 17th compared to 4.6% after.    If you make $50,000 per year under the new mortgage rules you will qualify for $50,000 less of a home or maybe no home at all!

New Mortgage Rules

New Mortgage Rules Will Erode Buying Power.

With out a doubt this will affect the economy as more first time home buyers are forced out of the market.  They will have to continue to waste money on rent or continue to live with their parents.

The new mortgage rules will hurt first time home market which will also hurt the move up market as there are fewer buyers that are in the market to buy their homes so that they can sell and move up.

It will affect the economy as fewer new homes will need to be built, as the demand will not be there. So there will be more unemployment as plumbers, framers, electricians, sales people, real estate lawyers etc have less work.

There will also be fewer appliances, furniture, home decorating and improvement products sold.

With next to no notice that this rule was changing, it will really hurt new home builders and especially large condo projects who have homes under construction.

What can you do if you have been wanting to buy a home and you do not have the 20% down?

  •  You can find a home, and get it under contract with condition removal by October 17.
  • Save up until you have 20% down
  • Have a co-signer so that you can qualify for more money.

Will this affect foreign investors?  They probably have the 20% down, so not likely.

If you want to read the full article follow the link below.

Globe and Mail article

If you want us to help you find a home in a hurry please call we will be available to help you.



The Deposit on a Purchase Contract.

The Deposit on a Purchase Contract.

If I tell you it’s going to rain, you can put the buckets on the porch.” If you grew up in the south, you made have heard this expression when a person is testifying to the veracity of his word. If you know a person and/or their reputation, you know whether you can trust their word or not.

However, with a stranger such as a buyer, the seller doesn’t know whether they’ll live up to the terms of the contract or not.

Buyers submit deposit money along with a contract to demonstrate their commitment to the terms of the offer.

The more deposit that the buyer gives indicates to the seller a higher level of commitment to the contract. Except for stated conditions in the sales contract, if the buyer fails to close on the sale, the deposit may be forfeited. Significant deposit makes the seller feels more secure that the contract will close.

There certainly are a lot of things that can dictate how much deposit is appropriate. Local customs, price of the home and type of mortgage can all help to determine the proper amount. In some areas, it may be common for it to be 1-5 percent of the purchase price. In other areas, it might be a specific amount like $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the sales price. It really comes down to whatever the buyer and seller agree is the proper amount.

Another strategy is to put up an adequate amount initially until you get through the inspections or contingency period and then, to put up an additional amount when the conditions have been removed.

The deposit demonstrates the buyers’ sincerity in making the offer and proceeding according to the agreement so the seller can take their home off the market and start making plans to move and give possession of their home. Ultimately, both parties want to close as anticipated according to the contract and the deposit helps facilitate that.

In the Calgary area the deposit is held in trust by the seller’s real estate firm. When all conditions are removed the funds will be transferred to the seller’s lawyer.  If the conditions are not removed, providing the buyer has proceeded in good faith, then the deposit will be returned to the buyer.

There are options if you home has a conditional sale on it. You can have your realtor report the sale as sale pending, this allows buyers to still view the home, and they know that they will have to wait for the first sale to fall, or they can write a back-up offer.   It will still show up on the internet as for sale.  It is a good option if you are anxious about the ability of the buyer to complete the sale.


A deposit is usually required on an offer to purchase.

Mortgage Insurance and Leverage in Real Estate.

Mortgage Insurance and Leverage in Real Estate.

Leverage gives the user a maximum advantage whether it is physically lifting a large object or rapidly building equity in a home.

In the case of the home, the high loan-to-value mortgage allows the profits made to be greater than simply the cash invested.

A $350,000 home can be purchased on an insured loan with a 5% down payment of $17,500. If the home appreciates at 2% a year, in five years the equity will grow to $87,999 due to the appreciation and the amortization of the mortgage. That would be a remarkable rate of return. You would have to save $1,466 per month for 60 months to have the same net worth!

Without mortgage insurance you would have to have a down payment of $87,500.

It is estimated that homeowners have a 45 times higher net worth than renters. Since the obvious difference is that renters don’t own a home, owning a home is a distinct advantage.

The leverage that allows a borrower to control a much larger asset with a small down payment gives them a return on the much bigger asset than on just the down payment.

Another interesting contribution is the forced savings that occurs with each payment made on the mortgage. A portion of the payment is applied to principal so that the loan will be paid in full by the end of the term, usually 25 years. The amortization on the 2.59% mortgage example from above has approximately $9,967.00 paid in the first year to reduce the principal which increases the owner’s equity in the home.

In Canada capital gains on your principal residence are tax free!

leverage in real estate.

Mortgage Insurance Helps Buyers take advantage of leverage in Real Estate.

For people who have the necessary funds for the down payment and good credit, buying a home can be a financially stabilizing event. While research on the Internet can provide valuable information, if there is someone that you know that is considering making their first home purchase, we would love to sit down with them.

We love helping people achieve net worth through owning their own home.

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