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Chestermere Beaches

Anniversary Park Beach West Chestermere Drive.

Anniversary Beach

Chestermere Beach Anniversary Park

Welcome to Anniversary Park, a stunning beachside oasis located at 208 West Chestermere Drive. At  Anniversary Park, you’ll find everything you need for a perfect day by the lake. Enjoy the soft sand beach and take a leisurely stroll along the picturesque lakeside promenade. This park also features rolling grass hills, ideal for picnicking or simply basking in the sun. This beach has onsite bathrooms. You can put up a shade shelter, but on the beach area, you cannot have pegs into the ground as it will damage the membrane.  If you have a shelter with pegs you can put it up on the grassy areas. As the boats on the lake can stir up some pretty big waves, a life jacket is recommended for anyone who is not a strong swimmer.   Pop over to Tim Horton’s for an iced coffee or La Dippery for a tasty treat.  There is an A & W and a McDonald’s at Chestermere Station; across from the beach.  Browns is a great place for a full-service meal.   Safeway has prepackaged sandwiches and snacks.  Responsible drinking of alcohol is allowed at the parks in Chestermere, and you can pick up a six-pack at Soby’s.  There is an Edo of Japan, A Browns, if you get hungry while on or after the beach.   You can park along West Chestermere Drive on the West side of the road for free or you can pay $10 per day at the community center.  Please do not block the driveways of the residents on West Chestermere Drive.

Just across from this beach, there are  Kayaks and stand-up paddleboard rentals starting at only $25 for your first hour, and $15 for each additional hour. Lifejackets are mandatory and included in the rental fee. There are also paddle boats available.

Discover Cove Beach

Cove Beach

Cove Beach

Cove Beach is a peaceful retreat at 259 Cove Road, offering a tranquil escape at the lake’s northeast end. Unwind on the charming small beach or take a leisurely walk along the scenic path that winds along the peninsula. There is a pirate ship playground for the little ones, ensuring endless fun and adventure. Looking for some friendly competition? Enjoy a game of tennis or basketball on the small court or relax in the gazebo.  This beach was designed to be for Cove Residents only.  It is now open to the public, but parking is a challenge.  There are porta-potties at this beach.

Sunset Beach East Chestermere Drive.

Located at 421 East Chestermere Drive, Sunset Park is a beloved destination for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you’re into paddleboarding, windsurfing, sailboarding, or kite skiing, you’ll find it at Sunset Park. Although there isn’t a beach, convenient concrete steps and two docks give you access to the lake.  A great place to launch your kayak or stand-up board.   This park is perfect for picnics with its barbeque pits and a beach volleyball court. You should bring a sun shelter for shade as not much shelter is available here.  There are bathrooms at this beach.

Can you swim in Chestermere Lake?

Yes, you can swim in Chestermere Lake.  The water in Chestermere Lake comes from the Bow River before industrial Calgary.  It is diverted into the canal system and it feeds the Western Irrigation system.  The water flows through Chestermere for a complete water change over every 5 days.  The lake water quality is monitored regularly to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.  Chestermere Lake is not a swimming pool, and there are weeds, and fish & freshwater shrimp in the lake.  While the water is clear, the boats can stir up the silt on the lakebed and make the water murky.
The occasional case of swimmer’s itch has been noted at Cove Beach.  This is due to the waterfowl that love this park, and that the water does not circulate as much in this little cove.  There are plans to install a fountain to circulate the water in this area.  In the meantime, pack some Benedryl, just in case.

Is it free to visit Chestermere Beaches?

Yes, it is free to visit Chestermere Beaches. The beaches are provided by the taxpayers of Chestermere.  Please respect our beaches and parks by picking up your garbage, parking in designated areas, and supporting our local businesses.

You can get anything you need to enjoy the day at the beach right here in Chestermere!  Dollarama has lots of beach toys and floaties to make your day better.  You can wind up your day at the lakefront restaurant and bar at the Dockside Bar and Grill on East Chestermere Drive.  Another great option is  The Mash located at 117 Main Street has great pizza, craft beer and dogs are allowed.

A lot of families enjoy the lake at John Peake Park.  This is on the northwest side of 1A  the public boat launch is located here.  For information on the boat launch, you need to go to the city’s site so you do not miss updates.

If you would love to know more about living in Chestermere, Just ask the McKay Team we have been selling homes in Chestermere since 1993.

Before you head out check out the conditions on the lake on the Chestermere Webcam.


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