condo in chestermere at the waterside

Condo in Chestermere at the Waterside


In January 2016 there were 85 properties on the market in Chestermere.   Eleven properties sold, and one was conditionally sold by the end of the month.  18 property listings expired.

Of the sold properties in Chestermere 1 was just over the $800,000 mark, 1 sold at $695,000, 2 were in the $500,000 range, 3 in the $450,000 range, 2 in the $300,000 range and 2 in the $225,000 to $250,000 range.

There are a lot of great homes on the market.  The interest rates are low and most sellers are really motivated.  It is definitely a buyers market.

For comparison in January 2014 25 homes sold in
Chestermere.  In January 2015 9 only 9 homes sold in the Chestermere Real Estate Market.

To find out how long it takes a home to sell in a market realtors can do a market absorption study.  That takes the number of homes for sale compared to the number of homes that have sold in your price range and tells you how long it will take for all of the homes on the market to be absorbed.

In a declining market you want to have your home be the next home to sell.  Pricing is very important as is market position, that is where you home fits in with the competition.  A realtor that really knows the market will be able to help you do this correctly the first time.  If you make a market position mistake in pricing your home, it will cost you equity in the end price.  You do not want to be that home that follows the market down.

If you would like to have a market evaluation and have us help you determine where your home fits into the market please fill this form or give us a call at 403-207-1776.


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