Chestermere Realtors, Doug McKay and Marjorie McKay have been selling Chestermere and area homes since 1993.

 That is 30 years of working together!  It has worked so well for us that our son Kevin McKay, joined us in 2017.

The secret is that we each have the areas that we specialize in.  Marjorie McKay loves marketing and promoting the listings.  Whether it is on our self-managed website, Facebook, blogging, or internet marketing Marjorie has mastered each of these platforms.

Kevin McKay Is Our Own Drone Pilot!

Kevin McKay is a licensed drone pilot and a videographer.  He is responsible for all of the images you see on our listings.  Having a drone video, and drone photography shows off the exterior of the property, the neighbourhood, the yard, and the proximity to parks, schools, and other amenities.  On acreages, it shows the rest of the property.  Check out our videos here.

Homes  With Videos Have 70% More Views!

Not many realtors are doing video tours of the homes that they list as there is quite a learning curve.  Homes with video have 70% more views.  Kevin’s videos show what it would be like to walk through the home.  Once you click the start button there is nothing else to do.  Just sit back and enjoy the home.  We also include a floor plan with our listings so buyers can see what the layout is like and how their furnishings would fit.  Because this is all done in-house we have better control to emphasize the special features of a property.  We can also get your property on the market faster. Should the season change, we can redo the photos so the property looks current.

Doug McKay is a Great Negotiator!

Doug loves to negotiate.  He treats your money like it is his own, and he does not part with it lightly.  When it comes to the offer, we love to negotiate on your behalf. Knowing the market is imperative to successful negotiations.  Because we specialize in this market we are aware of the competition, and we know if there were extenuating factors that affected the sales price.  We know how many comparable homes are on the market, and what the demand for a certain type of home has been.  We know the builders, the developers, and which ones to stay away from.  We look at the new listings in Chestermere  daily to see what is new on the market

We Have Each Other’s Backs

We are more than a team.  We are a family and we are there for each other.  If one of us is busy, another can jump in.  Marjorie, Doug and Kevin McKay each have slightly different styles, and if any of them runs into a realtor they do not mesh with, another member of the team can jump in.  You are getting three licensed realtors that will be working for you.  We will always have someone here to look after your business.  You can count on our team to stay together and support each other.

We Specialize In Lakefront Homes.

As more and more real estate agents are coming with buyers for the lake, we have found that they do not know what they do not know about Chestermere.  They do not know about lakefront retaining walls, the water depth at different locations, docks, boathouses, and retaining walls.  For this reason, Doug McKay attends the first showing on lakefront properties with agents who are unfamiliar with Chestermere.  He can answer the buyer’s questions and show the special features of the home.  We also keep an up-to-date page with lakefront homes for sale.  See the lakefront homes we have sold here!

Chestermere Lakefront homes for sale.

A lakefront home includes the lakefront retaining wall, the docks, the boat lifts, irrigation pumps and possibly a boat house.  All of these things need to be considered, as if they need repair, or are not included they will be things you need to add to the cost of your lakefront home.  As a lakefront owner since 1991, Doug McKay is aware of what should be included in a lakefront sale.  He can also give you the pros and cons of different retaining walls.  Think you can just build a boat house?  You need to talk to someone who knows!

Buying an Acreage Is Like Buying A Village.

When you buy an acreage you are in charge of the water system, sewage system, snow removal, garbage removal, and sometimes access to irrigation, and additional buildings  It also must be zoned for the use that the buyer intends to use it for.  Can they run a business, can they have horses, etc?  We also update the acreage listings on our website. 

One of our acreage sellers said to Doug, “when you show the property you show the barn, the well, the storage shed, the gardens, the second well.  These other realtors just show the house and then they leave.”   After we heard this, we met with realtors showing the property and walked them through the entire property.  This is what we now do with acreages.  It is more work for us, but the properties are being recognized for all of the assets that they possess.

We would love to meet you.

As Chestermere Realtors we know the market, we have been in the comparable homes that have sold, we know what developments are coming to Chestermere.  We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your goals.  Whether you are buying or selling, or just want to know where you stand with the equity in your home.  Please call us we would love to meet you.  We will not hound you to list or buy with us.  We will give you the information you need and let you decide if we are the right realtors for you, or if this is the right time for you.

All of our listings on link back to our website with videos, and floorplans.

If you want to know more check out our website at

Marjorie, Doug and Kevin McKay


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