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Whether it’s for the proximity to Calgary’s downtown, its incredible choice of recreation, or how it feels like a small town despite being so close to the city, Chestermere is a popular choice among home buyers. In fact, it can sometimes be difficult to find a home in Chestermere, especially out on the lakefront where everyone wants to be.

One of the best ways to find great places to live in Chestermere is to have direct access to Calgary’s incredible multiple listing service. The MLS is a vast compilation of real estate listings from brokers across Calgary. It allows real estate buyers to find all available properties without going through the hassle of hopping between brokers. Instead, a buyer can work with a broker they trust to secure any property listed on the MLS.  All  the homes available on MLS are available on our app.

While the MLS does not list every single property available in the area—such as in the case of properties that are being sold privately by their owners—it does greatly simplify the process of searching for the ideal home. MLS listings are also updated relatively quickly, so it’s unlikely you will miss that perfect home.

Almost-real-time updates also play well if you’re after the hottest properties in town. If you’re gunning for a certain type of home in Chestermere, simply fill in your search criteria and as soon as a home comes up that you are interested in you can click on it and email, message or text us and we will get you in to it immediately.

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