Written by Marjorie McKay

A lot of Canadian families are seeing a significant upbeat in the housing market, as Theophilos Argitis reports for The Washington Post:

“The share of Canadians who are predicting higher home prices in their neighborhood remained above 40 percent for a fifth week in the latest weekly polling by Bloomberg and Nanos Research. That’s kept consumer confidence levels at near the highest in four years, the data show.

Improving views on housing follow a recent acceleration in the real estate market in recent months that reflects a shift by policy makers at the Bank of Canada to dim expectations for rate increases as it plays down concerns over rising household debt to focus on stimulating the economy.”

Although real estate value is steadily rising, this does not discourage Canadians from acquiring real property. This high demand for homes can be attributed to the decision of monetary policy setters to keep key interest rates low, thereby giving people enough reason to borrow and purchase their own. Whether this development simply means that liquidity is high or, to simply put it, there are a lot of cash in the market, what’s important is that there’s no denying this is one of the best times for people to take out loans for their home purchases.Chestermere real estate brokers can definitely help homebuyers take advantage of this situation to get the best deals in the housing market.

Apart from that, brokers and agents make use of MLS in Chestermere and surrounding areas to establish contractual offers of compensation, facilitate cooperation with other broker participants, accumulate and disseminate information to enable appraisals, and make sure that there is orderly correlation of information. This tool makes it easier to match property sellers with potential buyers.

Homebuyers are also given all the necessary services like touring neighborhoods and making ocular inspections of available houses for purchase. Sales representatives and brokerage businesses, such as RE/MAX Real Estate Advocates, do this to help clients assess each property they are considering to buy. With the right agents by their side, buyers can be sure to get the house that matches both their needs and financial capabilities.

(Source: Real Estate Gains Keep Canadian Consumer Sentiment Near Highs, Theopilos Argitis, May 20, 2014)

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