Contact Marjorie and Doug McKay.

Our office is at suite 202 124 East Chestermere Drive, Chestermere Alberta T1X 1M1

We wanted a comfortable place to meet with our clients. We do not like discussing your private business in a coffee shop or public place. So we bought our own RE/MAX Office right here in Chestermere. We have been selling homes in Chestermere and area for 24 years. Doug has sold 382 homes in the Chestermere are and Marjorie has sold 100. So we are pretty sure that we can help you too! When you hire us, you get us… Not an assistant or less qualified agent.

Phone: 403-207-1776

Business Hours: We answer our phone from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. and we are open Monday thru Friday. We appreciate appointments, but feel free to drop in.  If we are not in there is a ring doorbell that will contact us on our cell phone.  Just press the button and give it a moment.

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