More Chestermere Schools Awaiting Next Steps.  

The Chelsea High School lands have been subdivided and transferred to the Rockyview school board!!!!!
The developer has now confirmed the dirt pile will be removed by the end of November!
RVS has been kept up to speed and aware of this and these lands will now be considered for high school funding this year by the province.
We now have a Catholic k-9 and a public k-9 approved for the 1st stage of school design and hopefully very soon a high school.
The City expects to have 6 school sites transferred into the school boards’ names before the end of 2023 and is pushing for another 3 school sites by 1st quarter of 2024. A new record!
That will be 9 school sites, a record. This is the highest number of school sites transferred to school boards during any council term in Chestermere and I’m told in the province.

Now the city and Chestermere residents need to lobby the school boards for funding these schools.

Our New “School Sites First” initiative is taking shape. Our last school site transferred to a school board was before 2016. This Council heard the residents and pushed for getting developers to have these sites transferred to the school boards. We negotiated changes to the developer’s agreements that schools must now be a top priority and for new developments, it is now the standard that school sites are subdivided in the first phases of new developments. This issue will no longer be a reason Chestermere schools are not proceeding.
We have also developed a New “Green Parks Initiative”. On top of this important change of making “School Sites First”, we know the school boards and the provinces will not develop every site immediately. We plan to turn these sites into parks with sports fields on them and to have them all grassed for residents to benefit from until the school proceeds with the building. Which we know can be many years.
The actual school building site is relatively small in comparison to the entire school and field site. When they build the school they will only be scraping roughly enough for the building. Meaning, that the community will benefit substantially from the green space for many years before and after the school is built.
More positive changes for Chestermere.

St. Gabrial Chestermere School Chestermere Schools

Chestermere Schools

Chestermere is part of the Rocky View School Division headquartered in Airdrie AB (Phone: 403-945-4000) and also the Calgary Catholic School District (Phone: 403-298-1411)

Elementary Schools

Prairie Waters Elementary School

Grades K-5
201 Invermere Drive
Chestermere, AB T1X 1M6
Phone: (403) 285-6969
Principal: Ryan Siemens

Rainbow Creek Elementary

Grades K-6
285 West Creek Drive
Chestermere, AB T1X 0L2
Phone: (403) 273-8129

St. Gabriel The Archangel

Grades K-12, Catholic
197 Invermere Drive
Chestermere, AB T1X 1M7
Phone: (403) 500-2110

Our Lady of Wisdom

Grades K-6, Catholic
134 Rainbow Falls Drive
Chestermere, AB T1X 0E4
Phone: (403) 500-2118
Principal: Lisa Ashworth

East Lake School

Grades K-8 (2014) K-9 (2015)
325 Kinniburgh Boulevard
Chestermere, AB T1X 0P4
Phone: (403) 248-1091
Principal: Val Murdoff

Middle School

Chestermere Lake Middle School

Grades 6-9
128 West Lakeview Drive
Chestermere, AB T1X 1J1
Phone: (403) 273-1343

St. Gabriel The Archangel

Grades 6-12, Catholic
197 Invermere Drive
Chestermere, AB T1X 1M7
Phone: (403) 500-2110


High School

Chestermere High School (Located 5 kms away)

Chestermere High School
Grades 9-12
Location: 241050 Highway 791, Rocky View No. 44.
Mailing Address: RR7 Calgary, AB T2P 2G7
Phone: (403) 272-8868
Principal: Sharon Rhodes

St. Gabriel The Archangel

Grades K-6, Catholic
197 Invermere Drive
Chestermere, AB T1X 1M7
Phone: (403) 500-2110
Principal: Mary McDougall


Alternative and Continuing Education

Rockyview Learning Centre

Grades K-12, Alternative Learning and home school assistance
133 Main Street
Chestermere, AB T1X 1V3
Phone: (403) 235-0294


Rocky View Schools Community Learning

Adult & family literacy, ELL, other languages, employabilty & skill development, health & wellness, general & community interest
Phone: 403-945-4114
Fax: 403-945-4001


Chestermere Community Playschool

Chestermere Community Playschool
201 West Chestermere Dr.
Chestermere AB, T1X 1B2
Phone: (403) 273-9208

Edleun Learning Centre

100 Main Street
Chestermere , AB T1X 1V3
Phone 1: 403-248-6900
Phone 2: 888-808-2252

E.C.I. Learning Academy

#30 – 140 East Chestermere Drive
Chestermere, Alberta T1X1M1
Phone: 403-457-3168
Fax: 403-457-6168

View the Mayor and Planning talking about new Chestermere Schools.



​The City of Chestermere is sharing an update regarding the new school sites across the City! 📚

The list below corresponds to the numbered identification on the attached map for approximate location:

(1) 🏫 Dawson’s Landing/Chelsea Joint K-9 School Site:

This site received funding from the Government to complete the design. It is expected that the City will see a Development Permit application sometime in 2024 to begin construction.

(2) 🏫Chelsea High School Site:

Great news! The Developer has prepared and submitted the endorsement package for the High School parcel which is currently under review by the City. We expect the land title for the building site to be in Rocky View School Board’s (RVS) name in the next couple of months. Residents will soon start to see the loam pile disappear as it is planned to be removed within the next couple of months.

(3) 🏫 Dawson’s Landing K-9 School Site:

The Dawson’s Landing school site has been successfully registered in Rocky View Schools’ name. The site is serviced, and the loam pile will be removed in advance of school construction.

(4) 🏫 Bridgeport K-9 School Site:

This school site will be subdivided and registered with Phase 1 of the community which the endorsement package has been received and currently under review. This is great news to begin having the school site ready in the early stages of community development. We expect the school site to be registered in the next few months.

(5) 🏫 Chelsea K-9 School Site:

The Chelsea K-9 School is included in Chelsea Phase 9. A subdivision endorsement package has been received and is currently under review by the City. We expect the land title to be in school boards name and registered before the end of 2023.

(6) 🏫 Waterford K-9 School Site:

The developer will be moving forward with a next phase that will include the Waterford school site located along the future Waterford Boulevard extension. We are expecting this site to be registered early 2024.

(7) 🏫 Waterford Estates K-9 School Site:

The developer has agreed to subdivide this school site parcel in advance of their upcoming Phase 3 to have the site in the school boards name. The site will also be pregraded in advance. We expect this site to be registered by end the end of 2023.

(😎 🏫 Clearwater Park K-9 School Site:

The developer is moving forward with registering the school site at the same time as Phase 1. We expect this site to be registered in the next few months.

Chestermere Schools

Chestermere Schools

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