A Buyer’s Agent Works For You!

You are entitled to have a professional real estate agent that works for you.  You do not have to use the real estate agent that the seller choose, for reasons of their own.  In fact, in Alberta you need to understand the relationship, and the options  that you have with your real estate agent.  There are two different types of Buyer’s Brokerage contracts.

You should choose an agent that you feel comfortable with, that you feel you can call whenever you need help or reassurance.  You should feel that your agent has time for you.  A full-time agent is committed to the profession, if they are taking a day off or are on vacation you should know who will be taking care of your concerns.  They should never leave town without letting you know who will be your contact when they are away.  

Your agent should be familiar with the type of home, and the area you want to buy a home in.  If they are they will know how this home compares to others that have sold.    

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