Choose the Perfect Buyer’s Agent for You!

You deserve a dedicated and professional real estate agent who will work tirelessly on your behalf. Don’t settle for the agent chosen by the seller for their own interests. In Alberta, it’s essential to understand the relationship dynamics and your options with your real estate agent. When you choose our team, you can trust that we are always just a phone call away, ready to provide help and reassurance whenever you need it. We prioritize your needs and ensure that even if one of our dedicated agents is taking a day off or on vacation, you will always have a reliable point of contact. We believe in transparency and will never leave you wondering who will be there for you when we’re away. The McKay Team is well-versed in the type of home and area you’re interested in, enabling us to provide insights on how each property compares to others that have sold.

Chestermere Real Estate Agents with up to 30 years of experience selling Chestermere.

When you hire us, you get us.  We have no assistants, no agents in training.

Doug and Marjorie McKay have been selling Chestermere Real Estate since 1993.  Their son Kevin McKay has been selling homes since 2017.  We have lived in Chestermere since 1991.  We know the area, we know the builders, we know the communities, and can help you find the right home.

Our dedicated team will assist you throughout the buying process, from securing a mortgage to negotiating possession dates. We’ll hold your hand through the home inspections and negotiate repairs. Say goodbye to paying for two homes at once as we will expertly manage closing date negotiations.

Before making an offer, we’ll conduct a detailed market evaluation on your desired property. We’ll also ensure there are no financial burdens or discrepancies on the property title.

Trust in our expertise and let us guide you through your home-buying journey.


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