Chestermere Information:  Chestermere Lake is one of Calgary’s Fastest Growing Communities.



The lake is 3.5 miles long by a half a mile wide and covers 750 acres. The Bow River feeds the lake with mountain, spring and glacier run-off. Chestermere Lake has a complete water change every five days.

The lake offers many recreational opportunities for all seasons. In the summer, there is water-skiing, sailing, fishing, windsurfing, canoeing and swimming.

In the fall and spring you will enjoy the migrating birds, walks along the shoreline and the quietness of the community. It is also the time to become involved in the many clubs and activities in the community. A two-lane bike path connects to all the paths in Calgary. The ice-fishing in the winter has seen many trophy fish caught. There is skating on the lake and on the ponds and canals that run throughout the community.

Chestermere is growing. We now have a population of near 25,000. Everywhere around the lake you can see growth. New communities, more commercial and retail space, new businesses and in-community services from churches and schools to the expansion of recreational and municipal facilities.

Chestermere is a small city, with many different sub-divisions, builders, and features.  It is very helpful to have a realtor that knows the area.  All Calgary realtors will say they work in Chestermere, but do they really know everything you would want to know before you buy a home here?  View our community breakdown here.


There are a wide variety of homes available through the Calgary MLS system.  You can search this site by community, by MLS number on the left top of the page.  New homes are often listed on MLS in Chestermere, so you have the option have having a realtor on your side as you negotiate with the new home builders.  We feature listings from every agent that is a member of the Calgary Real Estate Board on this website.  (They must participate in IDX, agree to let their listings be shared by other members).  We can also do a targeted MLS Search for you if you let us know what type of home you are looking for.  We have prepared some custom searches for you here.
































Chestermere Lake is accessible for people to get to and from work and to get around.


The town of Chestermere is 5 miles from city limits and 10 miles from downtown Calgary. Downtown is accessible by #1 or 1A highway in less than 20 minutes, 30 in rush hour depending on road conditions.  Alternate access is available from East Chestermere Drive to Glenmore Trail. Stoney Trail opens up Chestermere to even faster routes to the airport every quadrant of Calgary.  There is also easy access to the Calgary International Airport just 20 minutes away.






There are 5 strip malls in Chestermere offering just about every service a family could want or need.


The Chestermere community currently has 4 service stations, 2 car washes, bottle depot, 3 convenience stores, 22 restaurants and fast food places, a full service Safeway, a No Frills Grocery Store, 5 liquor stores, 2 hair dressers, 5 dentists, a veterinarian, three chiropractors, three family medical clinics, a medical lab, physiotherapy, 2 optometrists, four pharmacies,   five banks, a dance studio, a martial arts school, a tattoo studio, a tire shop, an oil change shop, four fitness clubs, two barber shops, a  pet store  and 4 pubs. There is an 18-hole golf course with a full clubhouse, with restaurant, pro-shop and health club. The sports complex has 2 arenas, 4 sheets of curling ice, a hall for dancing lessons and aerobics and meeting rooms for ceramics, playschool, guides and cubs etc.  There are two day cares and five playschools. There is a local RCMP detachment, a local fire department with EMS and backup from Calgary.


Many more services are available at East Hills Shopping center which is located between Chestermere and Calgary. There is a Walmart Super Centre, hairdressers, a Bulk Bin, Sleep Country, Sport Chek, Michaels, Marshalls, Dollar Store.  A Costco  with a gas bar and a liquor store.  There will be a movie center  and more restaurants and services in the near future.


Chestermere Beach


Chestermere has three Beaches grass areas for guests to enjoy.










Considering Buying In Chestermere? Let us help you decide if this lake community is right for you.


If you are looking for Chestermere Info, as Chestermere Realtors for 24 years we know this area.   Doug and Marjorie McKay have enjoyed the Chestermere Lifestyle since 1991.


Now people all around Alberta are discovering what we’ve known all along – the quality of life, recreational opportunities and small town atmosphere make Chestermere a fantastic place to live! Your family can have a resort lifestyle while you work in the city just a short drive away.

We would love to have a coffee with you at our office and answer all of your questions about Chestermere, we can take you on a tour of Chestermere and show you the bike paths, the public beaches, the community centre, the schools, tell you about the yacht club, community centre, sports, etc.. We have helped many families decide to buy in Chestermere.  We were not realtors when we moved here, but we loved it so much we wanted to help other families find their home here too!  We could live anywhere, and we could sell homes anywhere, but we are passionate about the lifestyle that Chestermere offers.  We also realize it is not for everyone,  if that is the case we hope we can help you find that out before you buy a home here.


We have 24 years of experience in the Chestermere market. We have lived here for 25 years. Doug has sold over 300 homes here, 78 lakefront.  Marjorie has sold 156 homes in the Chestermere area and 44 lakefront homes.   We have actually seen the homes that have sold. We know if a home is priced right, or if it is priced too high. We also know which homes are exceptional values. Doug ranks in the top 10% overall  of realtors with the Calgary Real Estate Board. (2001 to 2016).  Marjorie is the broker, but she still ranks in the top 1/3 of realtors overall within the Calgary Real Estate Board. (2001 to 2016)  We own the local RE/MAX office right on East Chestermere Drive.


When you hire us as your real estate advisers, you get us.  We are hands on and not too busy to work with you personally.


It will not cost you anything to use us to buy a home. Real Estate fees are paid by the seller of the property. Usually 50% goes to the listing REALTOR® (their representative) and 50% to the buyer’s representative. When you engage us to work for you, we will work for you and look out for your best interests every step of the way. Even new home builders have the cost of paying a REALTOR® to assist you – built into the cost of the home. It won’t cost you any more to use a REALTOR®, or any less to not use your own REALTOR®.   But please call us before you start to look at homes, if you register with a builder without us or view homes (other than open houses) with other REALTORS® we cannot help you.

If you are considering selling your Chestermere home.  Give us a call, or fill out the home evaluation form.   Home evaluations are always free, and we won’t hound you to list before you are ready.  You will get the accurate information that you need to make a decision.  When pricing a home it is crucial to use the right comparable properties.  We have been in the homes that have sold, and we know the condition that they were in when they sold.  We know the different communities, some are more desirable than others.  The wrong price on your home is an expensive mistake that you will pay for.  Remember it is what you end up with in your pocket that matters.


Thank you for visiting We have developed this Community Website along with to keep you informed and updated on all the new developments and events in and around Chestermere Lake. We hope that you found the information that you were looking for on Calgary Alberta Lake communities, Chestermere Lake Houses and general information on Chestermere Real Estate.

































Chestermere TownhouseTh The Waterside Chestermere Townhouses




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