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Curb Appeal (Front, Back & Side Yard)

I bought the home I live in now because I just wanted to see the inside.. I did not think that I would like it as the homes on the other side of the lake had bigger yards, and I thought that this house had too small of a yard. It was just so pretty I wanted to look at it. In the end the yard depth was not so important after all.

That is what curb appeal is and that is what curb appeal does. It makes buyers want to see your house.

curb appeal

This home has great curb appeal.

Clean the door, windows around the door, the lights, the mailbox. Make sure the door bell works, and a fresh coat of paint on the door will go a long way. If you have a wood stairs and landing, consider repainting them as well. The buyer will be standing at the front door while the realtor gets the key and as they stand there they are deciding if the home is well-maintained, or if you just don’t care.

The garage door can add a lot of pop, consider matching the front door and the garage door in a complementary colour. Old white doors will age the home and not give you the impact you are looking for. Ask your realtor for suggestions.

Make a list of major repairs that are needed such as roofing, siding and lighting. Make as many of these repairs as possible. Ask us if you need the name of a handy man.

Make a list of minor repairs needed such as painting, or minor landscaping. Make as many of
these repairs as possible. The only people looking for a fixer upper are those looking for a real bargain, below market value.

Sweep or shovel walkways, driveways, patio/deck (salt in the winter). Leave on the front light.
Maintain front, back and side yard. Ensure lawns are mowed, shrubs are pruned and flower beds
are weeded.

Add flowers or winter arrangements on your front porch and/or in front of the garage.
Remove all Christmas lights and decorations by January 10th.

Oh and don’t forget to leave the front lights on, especially in winter when it is dark so soon.

Here are some helpful videos from the RE/MAX Fit To Sell video series.

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