The Chestermere real estate market really heated up for March 2021.

The Chestermere real estate market was extremely strong in March of 2021.  There were 65 sales and 9 pending sales on March 31 at 10 p.m.  That is 74 in one month.  This is more than I have ever seen in my 28 year career. 74 sales in a month is easily twice as high as the best months we had in 2007.

There was a record price for a resale lakefront home at over $2,000,000.  The last time a home sold for this level was 2007.  The lakefront inventory is very low. as 5 lakefront home sold in March  The inventory has been getting scooped up by savvy buyers who can see the value of waterfront property so close to Calgary.

At March 31 there were 100 listings which is down from past months.  There is less than two months of inventory on the market.  This means that we are finally in a seller’s market in most categories.  This means that we will be seeing an increase in prices.  This of course is if CMHC doesn’t interfere with the market any further.

These sales do not include new homes under contract in the four new areas of Chestermere.

If you want to see what types of homes sold, the sq. ft. and the sale price download the Excel file below.

 Chestermere Real Estate Market March 2021 download


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