Air Qualilty/Odor/Pets/Holidays

If you have pets, previous water damage or other unique odors in your house, potential buyers could be turned off when they walk through the door. The power of smell shouldn’t be overlooked.   Air quality can impact buyers’ overall perception of your home. Don’t just put a heavy scent in the home to mask odors. You have to get rid of them or you will just have flowery scented mildew smell. When air-fresheners are too strong they just make people wonder what you are hiding.

If you can recirculate the air in your home the house will smell fresh and cooking odors will disappear.  Most forced air furnaces have the recirculate option on them.

Hard to believe but many people are afraid of dogs, even the cute and cuddly ones.  Please take your dog with you or at least kennel them out of the way.  Cats can try to escape, and realtors may not know whether they are allowed outside or not.  If your cat is one that will try to get out, take it with you or put it in a kennel.  Make sure you clean the cat box and remove waste from the home before the showing.

Christmas decorations can make a house look festive for the holidays, but if your home is for sale come January 2nd they need to be gone.

Take out the garbage before the showing.  Make sure the garburator and trash compacter smell clean and fresh.

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