We Want to be Your Buyer’s Agent!

We love working with home buyers!  We will explain all of the options available in Buyer’s Brokerage.  Do we work exclusively, we are the only realtor helping you. or will we be the exclusive agent for one area? Do you just want us to show you our listings and we represent both buyer and seller?  We can discuss your options over the phone, by video, or in person.

We want to set you up to win!  You may have to compete with other buyers.  You must have a preapproval for your mortgage that considers your income, expenses, and credit rating.  If you just called your banker and they said it was ok, without doing a credit check, and confirming expenses and income you are not preapproved.  We can recommend mortgage professionals that will do the legwork to make sure the financing condition can be removed on time, and that we are not showing you homes you cannot qualify for.  Your down-payment, is it accessible?  Do you have money set aside for the deposit on the home?  You will be expected to produce a bank draft within two to three business days of offer acceptance.

We will help you find the home that fits your needs and your lifestyle and budget.  The more we know about you the more we can help.  Do you have a special school in mind, what does your family like to do?  Where do you work?  Do you need a home office?  Pets?






Have you budgeted for a home inspection?  It will cost $400 to $800 depending on the size of the home.  We can recommend a home inspector that we have had a good experience with before.  We will be there during the home inspection.   

We will be available to view that great home, in today’s market you have to be prepared to jump on a great listing.  Once you have been prequalified, and you have signed a buyer’s brokerage, we know that you are serious and we are available to show you homes right away.

We will help you get the information you need to make your decision, from getting approved for a mortgage, asking for the appliances, and fixtures that you need, getting you the possession date that will make your move less stressful.  We will help schedule home inspections, condo document reviews, and any other inspections that are necessary.  

During the home inspection, we will be there to help you determine what is critical what is not.  We can negotiate with the seller to make the repairs or reduce the price to cover the repairs. 

Remove all conditions on time, renegotiate if necessary.  Help you select a lawyer.  You will want a real estate lawyer.  

We will be there on the closing date to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Liaise with the listing realtor and the lawyers.  We will even bring you lunch in your new home.  

We want to be your resource for any information regarding real estate or recommendations for home renovations, etc. as long as we can answer the phone.  We will send you market updates on your home so you can keep on top of the market. 

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