Chestermere Parade of Garage Sales 2024

The Chestermere Annual Parade of Garage Sales will be, as always the last weekend of May.  Starting on Friday and it runs until Sunday.  Suggested hours are Friday 4-8, Saturday 9-5, Sunday 10-5, but it is up to you.  If your sign is up or your garage door is open people will know you are open.

We are using Yard Sale Treasure Map this year.  Since 2008 Yard Sale Treasure Map has been the app of choice for yard sale, garage sale, tag sale, and rummage sale shoppers. Keyword search, route planning, and navigation are just the beginning!

This will put you on the map which can be viewed from your phone.  Each sale must be copied and pasted to the Yard sale map individually.  There are usually over 200 sales registered.  Marjorie McKay will be doing this for you to view after May 20th.  If you cannot participate, just do not open your garage door, and the garage sale shoppers will move on to the next sale.  

Download the App.   This will give turn by turn directions to the garage sales in the area.


Links to the 2024 Parade of Garage Sales.

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