We live here, play here and sell homes here.  Here are some Chestermere videos of us and our friends enjoying life at the Lake.

Using your boat is so much easier when the lake is your backyard.  You just drop the boat and go.  The lake is 20 feet deep towards the middle on the South end of the lake so, you can surf here. From the video you get an idea of how great Chestermere really is.  The water is crystal clear as it changes over every 5 days.

As a lakefront owner, you can always find quiet water, as you just drop your boat and go.  The city of Chestermere is reducing the number of boats that they let on the lake, so the traffic on the lake has reduced.

Lakefront homes have been selling fast.  You need a lakefront realtor to help you find a great lakefront home.  Here is what is on the market.

There are also good opportunities to sail at the South end of the lake.  The Calgary Yacht club is located on East Chestermere Drive.  They offer sailing lessons, and they also have race nights.

If you have any questions about living at Chestermere Lake please give us a call.  We would love to help you decide if Chestermere is right for you.  You can view more Chestermere Videos on our YouTube Channel.

Kevin McKay is our drone pilot and videographer.  It is a great way to see what a property or a neighborhood has to offer.



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