Chestermere Town Council Elections – October 21, 2013

Nomination Day – Monday September 23, 2013

There is still time to get your name in the race!

If you wish to submit your name for nomination to town council you must bring your nomination form, contact information form & deposit to Town Hall between 10:00 am -12:00 noon on Monday September 23rd, 2013. These forms are available from the Town of Chestermere website at

In order to run for Town Council you must:

be at least 18 years old,
be a Canadian Citizen,
have resided in AB for at least 6 months prior to election day
have your place of residence located in the Town of Chestermere on election day

Do you:

care about the town you live in?
want to see change?
have ideas to lead Chestermere in a positive direction that promotes sustainable growth, economic stability, prosperity and a high quality of life for the residents who call Chestermere home?

Are you:

honest & trustworthy
hardworking & inspiring
a team player
a good communicator & listener

Election Day is October 21, 2013. Don’t forget to vote. Your Vote – Your Town.

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