Written by Marjorie McKay


The most important thing in determining the market value of your home is your agent’s knowledge of that market. As agents that live and work in the Chestermere, Langdon area we have actually been in the homes that have sold and we know how they compare to your home.  We know if listed Chestermere homes for sale are immaculate with many upgrades or if they were former grow ops, and even if they were rental properties or a one-owner home.  Do they back onto a beautiful green space that has just been re-zoned as a bike park?  What is the value of being on a pond versus a green space with high-tension lines?  Choose the wrong comparable and your house is either too high and won’t sell or you are leaving money on the table.

When negotiating on your behalf it helps to know what else is on the market. Is yours the only 4 bedroom with a triple garage on the market? Perhaps we can hold our price. Or is there a flood of townhouses on the market, a scarcity of buyers?  Maybe we need to consider all offers. The point is we know the market as well as or better than any other realtors.

If you are a buyer, we know if this is a great deal or just the best of the leftover houses in Chestermere that have not sold. We know of other homes coming up that would be the perfect house for you. Maybe the house in Chestermere is not the one for you, we may know of a home in Langdon that is a better fit for you and your family.

The market can change in a matter of weeks.  Recently there was an overabundance of homes for sale in the Chestermere area. This is when our marketing program gives you a definite edge.  People buy the homes they know about, and MLS and a sign on the lawn will not get your home sold for fair market value without the proper exposure.

The market for quality Chestermere houses for sale is not always the same as the market in Calgary. It usually lags behind as inventory is shrinking and prices are rising. It will usually follow as people come to Chestermere and Langdon to try to find an alternative to rising Calgary house prices.

We know the market.  You need us on your team.

Please know that market evaluations from realtors are always free, no coupon required. Realtors are not allowed to charge for home evaluations. It is a service that we provide as to what our opinion of value is.

If you just want an idea of what the market is doing why not try a market snapshot?  It will let you know what other homes like yours have sold. Click on this link and we will prepare a market snapshot for you.

What is Market Value?

“Market value is the highest price that a willing buyer and seller, not under any compulsion or outside pressure, agree upon. Determined by outside influences, such as social and political factors, as well as the economy, market value is the price that your home should sell for in the current market.

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