Written by Marjorie McKay

A lot of economists are anticipating house prices in Canada to drop. The lack of data on the housing market available to the public is a cause for worry to those who expect that this can create a vulnerability in the economy, particularly when interest rates start to rise again. Brenda Bouw of Yahoo Finance Canada reports, however, that there are market experts who strongly believe that the market is doing fine, and that a good number of provinces will weather the effects of correction if and when it happens:

“Despite a few “lingering hotspots,” BMO Capital Markets senior economist Sal Guatieri says Canada’s housing market is “stable, if not boring, which is good in the face of dire warnings about a crash.”

He notes strong population growth and economies in Western Canada are supporting market in B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Greater Toronto, while Quebec and much of Atlantic Canada are seeing more pressure.”

The market of local houses for sale in Chestermere, for example, are expected to continue to thrive, especially because it is conveniently located near the commercial center, Calgary. This proximity easily makes the town a very attractive location for both local and foreign immigrants who will flock into Calgary looking for jobs and homes. This is clearly a very good opportunity for Chestermere residents and property owners that are currently selling or are planning to sell houses.

People planning to put up Chestermere homes for sale would benefit in getting a licensed broker to help them sell their property in the least amount of time, and for the best possible price. Accredited selling representatives will do everything to make home sellers comfortable and confident on their decision to put their property on the market.

Professional brokers should be able to assist the sellers in setting their asking price for the property, as well as organise an open house for potential buyers to inspect the house, and accept an offer to buy. They will be preparing a listing agreement that covers the framework to guide the tone of the entire engagement, which outlines the timeframe to sell the property, broker’s compensation, and other financial information, like taxes, related to the property for sale.

Chestermere-based realtor businesses, like that of RE/MAX Real Estate Advocates, have been providing countless clients good advice on matters relating to selling their houses and homes. These reliable sales representatives help property owners wait for the right opportunity to sell in order to maximise the potential gains and returns of the transaction.

Citizens of Chestermere do not need to worry about the alleged impending drop in property prices and corrections. Fundamentals remain strong and demand for homes will continue to pick up.

(Source: Canada’s housing market over due for full-blown correction: economist, Brenda Bouw, May 21, 2014)


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